House hunting

I have been house hunting for a quite a few months now.  I’ve seen 21 houses in total. Some were adequate and some were lacking greatly. (Honestly they were shit-holes.) House hunting is a pain in the ass.  I used to like it, well when I bought my first house in 2006 I enjoyed the process, not so much now.  I think the following pictures are in order of viewing. So many to look at, so many issues. Very tired and frustrated by the time I got to the end.


I made an offer on one of the above, they didn’t like it, and countered at only 1k less than asking after already dropping the price. I walked.  I found out later they dropped the price again.  That’s OK I put an offer on another house, they accepted, we’re under contract. This house is a 2 unit which is what I was originally looking for. I felt like I had to settle and I have had to settle on a lot of things but this is the closest. (Not really in the area I want though – I’ll live with it.) I shall be calling this “home” for the next few years.  Going to do some upgrades to it. It has some good things and some not so good things.


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