It is time!

I have finally almost finished my website/blog. I’m looking forward to get back to writing again. I’ve fallen out of habit due to many reasons. The whole transition from my original WordPress site to my self-hosted site was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t have time for things and I sat on the transition for almost a year before I started it.  So I basically paid for a year of web-hosting that I didn’t use. I took a term off from school to work on this and house hunt. Neither are finished/resolved yet but I’m starting school next week so I had to put something live up for you all.

Anyways… up coming things for my blog? Good question. My previous blog was a hodgepodge of various things. I’m OK with that but would prefer to refine the blog a bit more.  I have the following categories for my posts this time around: Art/Photography, Life (family/friends/health/etc), SCA, Trips/Vacations, Writing & Ramblings. I’m trying to keep it simple.

Suggestions on topics are welcome. Barring politics & religion, I will not share my opinion regarding such here. Too much drama is tied to these topics and I’m avoiding drama. However I will share some links to other blogs that may or may not post on these topics. You can find those here.

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